Ruthless! The Musical Auditions Announced!!!

Thursday December 13, 2018 starting @ 6:30 pm

Saturday December 15, 2018 starting @ 2:00 pm

Dance Audition:

Sunday December 16, 2018  1pm - 2pm

Call backs the same day from 2-5pm

Please prepare one song from musical theatre (preferably not from the show) and one comedic monologue. 

To book your audition spot please email 


RUTHLESS is an award-winning comedy satire.  The comedy is broad and unapologetic.  Characters are bigger-than-life and completely invested in what they are doing.  Every character has at least one featured number, so strong vocals and comedic timing will be important in all cast members.  Those auditioning should prepare one song from musical theatre and a comedic monologue.  

Character Descriptions:


An 8-year old aspiring “triple threat” with her sights aggressively set on the lead in her school production of Pippi Longstockings.  The character ranges from 8 to 12 years of age in the production.  Dance experience is an asset for this role.   Note:  Both children and young adults will be considered for this role.   


Mother of Tina; a perfect housewife and mother with hidden talents.


A theatre critic and grandmother to Tina.  A brash, opinionated newspaper “broad” who hates musicals.


An actress reluctantly turned third-grade teacher with a big ego.  She carries all of the angst of a woman who works with large groups of children all day long.


The occasional narrator of the show, Sylvia is a theatrical manager with a mysterious past; a cross between Mama Rose and Auntie Mame.  Note: In keeping with tradition, both male and female performers will be considered for the role of Sylvia St. Croix, but the character is unmistakably a female role.


A spoiled, rich nine-year-old with no interest in theatre and Tina’s reluctant rival for the role of Pippi.  


An overly salacious personal assistant with ulterior motives.

Note:  The roles of Louise and Eve will be doubled by the same adult actor.