Death and the Maiden By Ariel Dorfman

Auditions have been announced for this award winning thriller directed by Laurel Candler.

AUDITION DATES: Feb 27 (evening), 28 (evening), call backs March 2 (afternoon)

Please prepare one dramatic monologue for the audition. You may be asked to read some scenes from the play itself at the audition.

To schedule your audition time please email 

Death and the Maiden is set in a fictitious country coming to grips with a violent dictatorship past. 


Paulina Salas - around 40 years old

Paulina is a strong woman. Fifteen years prior, she was kidnapped, raped and tortured by members of the military. She escaped death but is still traumatized by these events. She is doubtful the new government's commission will be effective, and knows that because she survived, her captors will not be punished.

Gerardo Escobar - around 45 years old

Paulina's husband. A lawyer, just named to a commission charged with investigating murders committed by the previous regime and bringing perpetrators to justice. Ambitious, but concerned about how his wife's instability may affect his career. Loves his wife, but harbours guilt.

Roberto Miranda - around 50 years old

A mysterious stranger who arrives after helping Gerardo change a flat tire.

Show dates are April 26-May 11, 2019 (weekends)

NOTE: this show contains coarse language and adult themes