About Us

Officially organized in September of 1961, the Niagara Falls Music Theatre Society was chartered in the Province of Ontario in 1963 as a non profit, community theatre organization. Initial productions were presented at Niagara Falls Collegiate Vocational Institute auditorium.

Our occupancy of the Walnut Street Firehall began in 1967, with the space used as a rehearsal hall and as a workshop space for one play acts. In 1975, the building became the official home of the Niagara Falls Music Theatre Society and was named, the Firehall.

While continuing to present productions, the company also worked to convert the space into a proper theatrical facility. Formal renovations, including an addition that housed a box office, cloakroom, and lounge area, were undertaken with the provision of funding at the federal, provincial and municipal levels. The Niagara Falls Music Theatre Society supplied further labour and materials to complete the renovations. The renovated Firehall Theatre and its addition were officially opened in 1982


PRESIDENT: Susan Lanigan

VICE PRESIDENT: Katie Muirhead

SECRETARY: Patrick Lyons

TREASURER: Laurel Candler


Victoria Kyoko

Barb Lambert

Jerome Black

Laurie Moffat

Ed Anderson

Ann-Marie Zammit